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My trail -my life

How is my trail running connected with my way of thinking?

While doing my first mountain trail running ever, I realised some things about my usual thinking patterns, therefore behavioral ones. Some of these things I already knew before. But this was the first time that I saw the pattern and challenges that go with it.

1) I applied and didn´t know what the trail exactly means. For me it meant something new, interesting and something way out of my comfort zone. I didn´t know that I am supposed to run through the mountain paths.

2) I have never went on that path before and that fact made me pretty uncomfortable. I really like to plan everything in advance and have control over everything that is in my power.

3) I went by myself. I had SUPPORT but I was supposed to go through it all by myself (with the other contestants who I didn´t knew before). I never went to woods by myself, neither to mountains. As the matter a fact – I always needed help during mountain climbing.

4) Considering all that I have mentioned before- you´d probably warn me about going there. Some of you would give me some advices, some of you would try to stop me and probably the most of you would like me to reconsider everything.

5) FAITH I always have faith in myself, I just know that quitting is not an option. I know that I will reach my goals sooner or later!

6) I DID IT! It was very difficult and I did it! I gave my best! I used all the energy I had, all the strenghts and the most important – THE POWER OF WILL! And I did it pretty d…n well!! On my way- I did it my way!!

How can we use this experience to explain model of thinking that makes me to succeed every time?

First of all it is important to set a goal! Then to:
– have FAITH ( I always BELIEVE in myself),
-have SUPPORT (at least one person),
– TRUST THE PROCESS even though you do not know what´s out there waiting for you,
– Quitting is not an option,
– and you are not going only to say that you have participated – you are going with different mindset- you are going for a win (even if you are winning over yourself) !

What´s next? – SUSTAINABILITY! There are still 11 rounds of this trail league ! One experience doesn´t make me a winner. Now that I know what is out there waiting for me I can get prepared better and enjoy in beating myself over and over again. I don´t have to have better results (time and speed). I am going because that mountain teaches me, it affects my mind, body and soul and doing some serious mindset shifts.

I hope you all have something that can make you realise your strenghts and the ability to use them, the ability to focus on your strenghts in order to become better you!

Daria Antonović


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